Visual art + design
Seattle, WA

01. Film photography
       2011—14, ongoing

02. Textiles

03. Drawing
        2021—24, ongoing


2006—24, ongoing

2021—24, ongoing

Work experience + education


Nikon FM + Kodak Gold 200

There is nothing that compares to photos produced with film in a manual camera. It may be romantic, but I think film allows you to capture the atmosphere of that moment. When the aperture opens, the film is exposed to light, and a chemical reaction occurs. Humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, particulates - every little thing about that space and moment can create a small change in the impression that is left. To me, that is the essence of alchemy, and what makes each photo a work of art.

The Puget Sound really was a vivid blue that day, like I’d never seen before and never seen again. I could certainly edit the photo to achieve the look, but the fact that it is unedited makes it more personal to me.  In all the photos I’ve taken since then, careening over the ferry railing, the water has never appeared to me the same twice. 

Olympus XA rangefinder

A transition to textiles started with the humble idea of sewing myself a shirt, and quickly transformed into 5 years of inquiry and captivation with the reality that every garment, linen, and textile in the world is created by human hands. Obscured by layers of capitalist enterprise and exploitation, traditional craft persists in textiles. There is always evidence of humanity in the stitches.



This was in fact, not my first shirt, but one I made in 2019 after 3 years of honing my skills. I dreamed of a shirt with fully enclosed seams, beautiful both inside and out.

While these techniques are very old, mass production of garments requires speed over beauty, so you will usually turn your shirt inside out to reveal the cut edges of the fabric serged together, a stitch that uses 4 interlocking threads to prevent fraying.
Linen shirt:

On figure:

Digital painting study
Completed for Kat Tsai’s Color + Light class
Poster commission to celebrate ANDO-CHAN qualifying for Konami Arcade Championship, one of the most prestigious tournaments in DDR.© 2024—ALL RIGHTS RESERVED